Experienced a fashion emergency

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    We have all experienced a fashion emergency or wished we had done to improve beauty regime with a cheap and easy adjustment. So here are some quick and easy ways to avoid nasty pimple, keep in bags under the eyes at bay and have beautiful skin all year round.

    Grain Rx

    I feel a pimple coming on and can not walk around with chalk white toothpaste on your face? Try drying some of its perfumes of the stain several times during the day. The alcohol in the perfume will help dry out (and you can smell very well).

    Sleep better

    Have trouble falling asleep, but has exhausted his prescription sleep aid? Why not try to catch some Z is the natural way? Lavender is known to promote alpha waves, which are necessary for restful sleep. Try taking a bath before bed with lavender salts or lavender oil.

    Here's another idea: take a pillow in front of the lavender and pop in the microwave on low for a couple of minutes, then inside your pillowcase. Place your arms over your head and shake hands, then straighten your arms crossed as right as possible (make sure you are comfortable) and then back over his body to the left. Repeat five times. Breathe in deeply as you do these stretches, you get the oxygen flowing.

    Pout perfect

    We can only dream of having lips like Angelina, and of course, anyway. Most of us have at least thought about using a lip plumper, hoping to look in the mirror and see smiling lips gloriously delicious. The key is to get the lips to lips ready, so it can penetrate and do their job.
    Here's a little trick that will not cost a dime. Apply a small amount of Vaseline on a soft bristle brush that has been moistioned tooth with warm water. His lips ever so gently for about 2 minutes, you may want to do this while watching TV, two minutes can feel like forever. Remove the cloth soaked with petroleum jelly or soft cloth and then dry. Apply moisturizer, sunscreen and lip plumper. Then go show your lips beautifully filled.

    ps If you do not want to splurge on a store bought lip plumper, apply a small-and we mean small-amount of cayenne pepper on your lips. That's going to sting a little, but what's a little pain in the name of looking gorgeous?

    Baby Soft Skin

    I wonder why some women seem to have the skin plump, hydrated, even in winter, while yours is so dry it hurts to smile? Chances are the other ladies are doing some things differently, or are genetically perfect and I do not like anyway.

    When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated, only makes sense to take plenty of water. Water keeps the cells in your body off, so your skin looks luminous and curbs your appetite (the great skin and a finished figure is too much for the price of one!). You've heard it before, but we'll say it again, get eight 8 oz glasses a day. Your skin will thank you.

    This is something you have not heard before: the distilled water is best for drinking, because chlorine and other pollutants are greatly reduced when water boils. To hydrate your skin throughout the day, try a man of purified water.

    Fundamentals of hydration

    The best time to moisturize is right after the bath when your body is wet and humid. Soft body lotion, body cream or body lotion to retain moisture. And you do not have to spend much money.

    Some may think that the more expensive a moisturizer, the more effective dry skin. But this really is a myth. That does not mean expensive lotions do not make us feel more luxurious (if only because we know what it cost). But the good news is, especially if you have a $ 200 per month beauty is that you can budget yourself to even skin radiant and glowing for the cost of your daily Starbucks and a muffin, by visiting your local pharmacy . There are a lot of great moisurizers that hydrate and condition dry skin, thirst, with natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.

    In addition to applying the lotion every day, here are some tips to keep skin soft during the winter months:

    * Keep your shorter shower times and limit their exposure to hot water. Try turning on the radio and the limitation to only 2-3 songs as a guide.
    * Avoid extensive washing while showering. Choose a mild soap instead of a exfolient. Here's an idea. SALUX beauty skin cloth gently exfoliates the skin with a special texture that stimulates blood circulation, while requiring use less soap.
    * Do not forget the sunscreen! The sun damage can still happen with clouds in the sky, so it is very important to keep using at least SPF 15 every day.

    No rough

    On the fly and forgot his hair pomade? Do not freak out, and certainly do not let your hair monster. Apply a small dollup of hand lotion on your hands, then hands gently on the hair smooth. This will help to tame unruly hair. You can also use a small amount of Vaseline on the ends of your hair.
    In an emergency hair in the future, be sure to pick up one of these great products to keep on hand and in your medicine cabinet: Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream, Biosilk Silk Therapy, which also serves as a great skin balm, and Aveda Emollient shine shiny finish.

    De-puff your eyes

    Trust me I've become a pro at eye de-blowing. Computer strain, sleep too little, too much sleep, stress, whatever, and that makes my eyes swell like a cream cheese wonton. If you are looking for a quick fix that is more effective than cucumbers, green tea or black tea bag (which must contain caffeine). Submerge in hot water and then throw it in the freezer for 5 minutes. If you have any pop an antihistamine Benadryl forecast as last night and you wake up without a bag. Supplements can also help with the bags. MSM with glucosamine, flax oil and evening primrose oil appears to help relieve swelling.

    False stripes as

    With all the publicity about skin cancer feel guilty for getting a tan the old fashioned way. As was a self-tanner or perhaps opted for the Mystic Tan booth. Unfortunately, it ended with the index marks on his arms, legs, feet ... well everywhere. Do not worry, you do not have to wear a turtleneck and pants until it fades. Hop in the shower right away (some inevitably will anyway) and generously rub it down with an exfoliating body scrub followed by a thorough washing with a loofah. For very bad cases around the ankles, feet, elbows and hands (usually the driest parts of your body), you can use a file to remove unsightly stains insensitive. We do not recommend incorporating these measures into their normal routine, but if you have a hot date or a big event you can not just show up looking like you're in a fight with a can of orange spray paint either.

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Experienced a fashion emergency

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