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    It's more than a presumption that all Hello Kitty fans, Hello Kitty has the look fabulously adorned with cute cat image celebrity gives them a sense out of this world. Of course not feel this way? However, a peculiar feeling is shared only by those who love Hello Kitty eternally yearns to collect all kinds of items, whether jewelry or clothing, provided that bears his all-time favorite cat. And what stands out is the fact that the renowned fashion designer, Kimora Lee Simmons, is one of the Hello Kitty fans who made his fondness for cats celebrities in a fashion creative impulse, and gave light to Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty watches.

    Of course, notoriously evident that the Hello Kitty line of watches Arts with a unique design provides evidence that even watches can have humor and style that are the basis of a good investment.

    There is no doubt that the famous Hollywood designer Kimora Lee Simmons has brought to the fashion industry a wide range of fabulous accessories gaining popularity even today. And now the genius of Kimora Lee Simmons has gone into the creation of better clocks Hello Kitty. Launched on another year, Kimora Lee Hello fine jewelry line Kitty has even expanded to include several models of watches. Like it or not, but Hello Kitty watches for women are going to stay for a very long time. While affection for Hello Kitty is still burning, affect the same with fashion items bearing sweet face of Kitty.

    Manufactured by the Swiss, who can now use Hello Kitty watches are not only fashionable, but also created spectacular watches have Swiss quartz excellence.

    Simmons Hello Kitty watches resin and stainless steel bracelet making these beautiful watches the "ideal Watch Women" should be used wherever they go and whatever they do. In fact, external links resin and stainless steel central links while they keep watch 'soft sensual. These features make the Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty watches be among the best watches.

    The luminescent hour hand, minute and central seconds are added to the usefulness of this watch. This is indeed more beneficial especially for the ladies that come to the city at night.

    Surprisingly, most of what is said above is the indicator bezel, a feature of this watch Hello Kitty, which has proved particularly useful when you need to always be aware of time and you really do not want to pay tickets parking.

    In addition, when you go to attend a meeting with more class or a formal occasion, there is no creation of elegant clock that you can use, ie, the Hello Kitty diamond watch that is brilliant diamonds surrounding the bezel incredibly attractive . Its brushed stainless steel ball beautifully maintained elegant and soft, a little crazy as well.

    Like the wide variety of choices Hello Kitty jewelry, there are a number of options that you can choose your desired Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty watches. Try to surf the Internet immediately and fall in love again and again with Hello Kitty.

    The highlight of the evening focused on the Hello Kitty Party Fashion Show inspired by Japanese street fashion pieces 14 designers.Pynkiss Hello Kitty Fashion Show at Fashion Week in Milan. A beautiful model in the Fashion Hall of Hello Kitty Pynkiss Fashion in Milan.

    If you have never heard, seen or used "Hello Kitty", which may have been living in a cave for the last decade. Hello Kitty has become an international fashion and marketing events, covering all continents and breaking sales records in department stores worldwide. But exactly who is this adorable, mouth less "kitty" that has captured the hearts and minds of so many fans?

    Hello Kitty was originally created in the 1970s by the Japanese company Sanrio, and the company's most famous fictional character. The kitten-like animation was originally developed under the name "Kitty White", but this name was never used commercially. The character was first marketed in the United States and has been an unofficial ambassador for the charity UNICEF since 1983.

    Hello Kitty brand became much more prominent during the late 90's when celebrities began to adopt the fashion Hello Kitty in their closets, with Mariah Carey is an outstanding example.

    Today Hello Kitty merchandise stock the shelves of nearly every major American stores and even Hello Kitty character has been featured in advertising campaigns purchased retail giants like Target in the U.S.. Products such as bedding Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty line of watches and the coveted Hello Kitty digital camera are just some of the large amount of goods offered in a version of Hello Kitty.

    Among the American celebrities sporting Hello Kitty brand, Cameron Diaz, Carmen Electra, Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Steven Tyler, Mandy Moore, Raven Symone and top the list. Paris and Nicky Hilton have been photographed wearing Hello Kitty brand, as pop singer Lisa Loeb, who is promoting pink "Hello Kitty guitar."

    The females are by far the largest market for Hello Kitty products. And sometimes it seems that their appetite for Hello Kitty products is insatiable. There is a new Hello Kitty Robot, for example, has the face and voice recognition, and the ability to dance while talking to the owner. And do not forget the recently released Hello Kitty debit card.

    Almost any product you can think of has (or soon will be) marked with the logo of Hello Kitty. But what is really behind this obsession in the world? What exactly is the appeal of Hello Kitty, especially women?

    Part of the answer may lie in the mystery of Hello Kitty is the backstory. Kitty appears asexual and his / her character profile remains vague - that allows fans to attribute all the features like Kitty, instilling the character with their own values ​​emotions, and funds.

    Hello Kitty not only seem to have no distinguishable sex characteristics, but also has no obvious ethnicity. Fans tend to "adopt" Hello Kitty in their own ethnicity, age, likes and dislikes, and maybe that's part of the charm of Kitty.

    As expected, Hello Kitty has an official biography, but it seems vague to the point of being mysterious. In any case, the enormous success around the world of nature does not seem affected at all by what we know about him / her.

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