Fashionistas celebrate Couture Black Swan

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    While the style shown a branch of a tree with a simple heart, hanging, the second design was a little more controversial war. The front of the shirt in honor of Day of Dead skeleton, Guerra says this ancient symbol of death is not ... However, a celebration of the lives of loved ones lost to the disease and a tribute to those who are still struggling.

    Fashionistas celebrate Couture Black Swan

    Natalie Portman Oscar buzz can be heard ... but the beauty that is Black Swan is tingling forward to the world of design ... the fashion sense that is. Ballet costumes created by Rodarte are not only modern, but stop buying-mind awesome.

    "I remember seeing a dress of their own in a photo shoot, and just go, what's that? '" Release Portman. "I have a reaction to the clothes very often. Do not pay much attention to that. But it was so beautiful. When we were making the movie, only knew the ballet clothes."

    Victoria Secret's angels fly high on the catwalk

    Just days before Thanksgiving dinner, while the rest of us our size 6 pants and wish we had left at number two slice of pecan pie ... Victoria Secret Ladies paraded down the catwalk sporting bodies to see anything, but after the feast of turkey.

    Among the highlights was the style expected annual Fantasy Bra. Valued at more than one million dollars, it's no wonder that the fashion show wearing a lot of security amplified.

    If you can not balance the cost of this outbreak with diamonds ... You are not alone. Victoria Secret Miracle Bra offers nearly as dazzling crystal shines Swavoriski only $ 250 each.

    Go Lagerfeld models nude for Pirelli calendar

    When it comes to an eye for art ... in the world of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld leaves nothing lacking. Tuesday, Lagerfeld arrived in Moscow to present his Greek god-themed photographs for the annual Pirelli calendar is famous for his nudes. A look at some of the styles include a gold medal Juliana Moore painted and sculpted male models sporting gold loincloth.

    Max Mara is a clothing brand and a name that is not well seen adorning the Oscar winners and celebrities. Of course, you can not find celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears or Bipasha Basu sit and enjoy the front seat of the fashion show hosted by Max Mara. Even if there are celebrities who attend their concerts, including Max Mara clothing is considered a major label is well known that the most fashionable in Europe and ions in Paris. is a brand that is believed to enterprise-class designers from the sale of its best has a number of anonymous wealthy women, but rather to sell his collection to the already rich and famous

    When you look at any of the Max Mara collection is that you can always come across some of the most refreshing and collections that are fundamental to reality, offering a wonderful collection of summer dresses that have the ability to focus on swimming micro minifrocks used. Max Mara is a brand that focuses exclusively on women about what might, in fact, it feels as if its use is very uncomfortable if she just has to try to spend summer evenings on the use of a garment has was actually designed in the day.

    If you attend any shows in Milan you can reach things like jackets that are designed in soft silk, Edwardian jackets with very narrow sleeves, cut with small buttons. Pants designed so that art can be used in conjunction with stacked heels. Sample collections printed blouse previous summers, bikinis and west or jeans. If you attend today's meeting can be reached through better data collection is very feminine summer, where you can always find exquisite collections teams with dove gray, peach and bronze collection. Max Mara collection also allows you to show your legs, if they had spent and paid for more expensive services legs around the world. Max Mara clothing has been hitting the summer season for its collection of pants, calf, and has managed to prove critics wrong by winning great popularity among customers.

    Victoria Secret Fashion Show has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years. Victoria Secret show was first broadcast in 1999. The first show drew 1.5 million viewers. The show was also announced during the Super Bowl. Normally, the site of the parade was the New York Armory on Lexington Avenue.

    Fashion Show Victoria Secret underwear and bras contain. There has been a substantial change in the way Victoria's Secret shows are organized, there lingerie costumes, catchy music and decorations. The shows are known for the celebrities to do. Something very peculiar fashion fair are the wings of an angel. Series models also have butterfly wings, peacock, and even the devil.

    Victoria Secret Super Show at the bow was canceled due to a wardrobe malfunction in 2004. What was different in 2005 Victoria Secret fashion clothing that showed the general public. Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2005, gained popularity and the general public had the opportunity to purchase exceptional wardrobe. The fashion show 2006 was a success and people are anxiously awaiting the fashion show of 2008.

    Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2005 opened with a spectacular presentation of Chris Botti. The theme of the show was presented by Gisele Bundchen, who wore red devil wings and this trend was carried out by the other models like Ana Beatriz, Carolina and Alessandra.

    The fashion show 2005 also raises the topic of Russia. It was a typical theme in a lot of velvet and fur was used. Another issue is the topic was the femme fatale in which Tyra Banks came in a black corset and smoky black wings.

    The 2006 fashion show was an experience out of this world we had a spectacular show of models, producers, designers and choreographers. Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2006 was a very sexy and glamorous. Selita Ebanks and Izabel Goulart representing Victoria's Secret as fully-fledged Angels

    The models of Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2006 looked very good, a place where some of the world's most beautiful women were under one roof. Heidi Klum was not on the ramp, but it was the host of the show.

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Fashionistas celebrate Couture Black Swan

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